Our clients need to bring innovation to their existing product lines season on season. That is to either create a new buzz around true product innovation, or to achieve cost savings. Our approach satisfies that quest. Our pioneering design is always supported by equally pioneering applied technology and facilitated innovation sessions lead to the development of exclusive product concepts and stories.

True product innovation really flourishes at the crossroad between science and design. At that crossroad, we proudly stand and equip our customers with small apparel collections that sapiently blend latest chemical advancements and upcoming fashion trends.

Leading fabric mills from different corners of the World come to us to further nobilitate their latest creations. Through talents that are both art and science, we apply treatments aimed at enhancing the characteristics of seasonal fabric innovations and make core fabrics outlast movements and fads.

Big corporations have R&D, but R&D isn't just for big corporations. We help small, mid-sized and large businesses to obtain new knowledge. We develop tailor-made, technical solutions based on sound, environmentally conscious, chemical R&D. Together with our customers we continually re-imagine and re-invent products through chemical and fashion (style) innovation. Together with our customers, we don’t just develop what others haven’t done before. We develop what no one else would dare think of.

We design, manufacture, distribute and sell specific equipment conceived for the world of garment processing.
Such a process involves the creative research, study, and exploration of new ways to creative and produce.

We offer education to individuals and groups in the theory and practice of textile chemistry and chemical applications. We act as a centre of information to keep the industry abreast of international developments in garment processing.